Sunday, November 02, 2008

Just A Reminder...

I just wanted to remind everyone about this fall give away I'm doing as a "re-opening" of my blog...I had planned to do it this weekend, but due to the insanity that 5 mice (gross) bring, I'm doing it next weekend instead. So...any of you ladies who want to sign up and didn't, feel free to now! Just leave a comment here, or at the original post telling me what your favorite thing about fall, and your favorite fall chore is. :)


carrie said...

Well, let's see, I don't really like chores, but I love the smell of burning leaves in the fall. Oooh, I can just smell it now! If I had to choose a chore, it would be baking fall goodness!

Tonya said...

Umm, I love the crisp, cool air - it has a special scent to it. And for a Chore, I'd have to say, umm I'd have to say taking fall pictures, because sometimes it can be a chore to get just the right shot! Raking leaves and watching the kids jump in is alot of fun though.

Brynna said...

Oh no, mice!!! I just caught my second one in our kitchen 2 nights ago. Yuck.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Emily said...

Oh fall is fabulous. It's the breath of fresh air after the smothering hot summer. The cool crisp air bring excitement to my soul. I love the changing colors of the leaves and beauty of them on the ground.

As for chores, I enjoy swapping out my summer clothes for my long sleeve winter stuff and my warmer skirts. I love preparing for the cooler months and baking warm pies and soups for my family.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I will have to try the vinegar thing. Thanks so much for the info.

Sommer said...

Well, I thought I'd commented on the original..but it isn't here is my favorite thing about fall:

I love the smell of rain on the grass and the new, fresh cool breezes that blow after a long hot California summer.

Hmmm, a favorite chore?! Well, sewing and crafting for the holiday season. It can be a chore if your sewing machine doesn't want to work:-/

Hope you get those nasty mice! Have a cat? They can be quite helpful in that department:-)

Hope you are well!

Lots of love,

A Piece of Quiet said...

Hmmmmmm...The best fall chores are choosing a new ribbon for the wreath on the porch wall, and putting out a pot of mums and a pumpkin. My favorite things about fall are picking apples, making stovetop potpourri for the first time since February, and pulling out the winter coat bins to watch the littles see which one fits for winter!!