Thursday, October 30, 2008

New schedules

My almost 10yro (gasp) sister is being a "Mother's Helper" for the first time today...for ME!! :-D Normally she will be here on Thursdays during nap time, but things were a bit different today. I've gotten a load of laundry folded, another load washed (now in the dryer!) and a box unpacked...and she's here for another hour! :) Normally Jenny will be asleep and Laney will just have Handsomeboy or helper jobs. Once I get the house cleaned up, I'll be able to sew for *TWO HOURS*!!! Can you imagine?? I certainly can't! Very big and exciting stuff we're talking about least for a mommy of a 2.5 and a 5mos.!! :) Now we just have to get her over her fear of spit up....

Oh, and say a prayer for Joe if you will...he's starting step one of a new job that will let him be at home much-much more than now...but in the meantime that means longer on second thought say a prayer for us too! :-S


Sommer said...

What a blessing for you and your sister! I wish I had a little girl to be a mother's helper...oh wait! I do:-) My eldest could probably help some:-) And actually she does.
Do enjoy that extra time to sew...I need to start using my extra time now that Liam sleeps a good nap and at night for sewing.

I will pray for you and Joe as you all adjust to his new schedule. I've been there before and I know how tough it can be at first.

Oh, did my letter get to you? I hope so:-) I need to send another:-)

Lots of love,

Mamselle Clare Duroc said...

Is Laney really almost ten? Oh my! Give her my dearest love next time you see her... and, of course, my gallant Phantom, Max. ;)

Praying for you and Joe!

Beth said...

Lucky you to have a mother's helper! Maybe you just need to sew your sister an apron or smock with burp cloths on it to help her with potential spit-up situations...Enjoy, Beth

Sarah Jane said...

Ooh, how lovely to have your sister over to help! My littlest sister is 10 also, and she just adores the boys, but lives too far away to see them very often. :(

I'll be praying for you and your hubby as he starts this new job. Longer hours are never fun, but if that means he will be home more in the long run, that will be wonderful!

Lauren Christine said...

Oh how wonderful!! I used to be a mother's helper when I was young :) I think its such a sweet way to learn how to be a mommy. I pray you and hubby adjust well to the new schedule- I know long hours are hard!

Lauren Christine