Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crawling Back

That's how I feel anyway...big promises about regular posting...lots of "pictures to come"...and then I go on vacation and don't even say a word. Not a word. Not a picture. Nothing. I wouldn't blame you if you all just found other blogs to read. This being said, I ask that you bare with me a bit longer as my blog under goes an extensive fall cleaning. With a bit of luck there will be some big news when I start back up!

In the mean time ladies, if you simply leave a comment listing your favorite thing about fall and your favorite fall cleaning chore, you will be entered into a "re-opening" give away!! I hope you enjoy the surprise!


Mamselle Clare Duroc said...

It's so good to see you back again, Tilly! I hope everything has been going well with you and yours.

My favorite thing about fall is most decidedly the way our mountain woods look in their new colors. I'm a huge fan of the red, golds, and softer oranges and yellows. So beautiful!

Favorite fall cleaning chore? Well, it's something that has to be done every fall, but it almost seems too fun to be a chore... bringing out the fall wardrobe! All the earthy tones, the flannel fabric, the hats and gloves and shoes... and tucking away the summer clothes for next year.

Mama Manak said...

The thing I love the most about fall is the end of daylight savings time! Weird, I know, but I love cozy evenings by candlelight...and they can't really happen during the summer!

Sarah Jane said...

It is so good to have you back! I've been checking your blog every day and was so excited to see a post from you today! I love the new look of your blog, btw.

My favorite thing about fall is the natural beauty of it. That is one reason why David and I chose to get married in the fall. I love the autumn blueness of the sky, the gold-red glories of the trees, the grass that is still green yet starting to turn brown, just EVERYTHING! :)

My favorite fall chore is making yummy things to eat with fall fruits and veggies, like apple pie and apple butter and butternut squash soup and pumpkin muffins.

annamae said...

Ah fall... my favorite season! I think my favorite thing about it is the change in weather and nature in general, the crisp cool air, the changing leaves. being able to layer and bundle up to take evening walks. sadly we are currently living in San Diego and the weather is still like summer here, "sigh" but I grew up in the mountains so I have memories. :)
My favorite fall chore growing up would have to have been raking pine needles and leaves. I always loved being outside getting a bit of work done and I love the finished product as well. by the way, sun baked pine needles is a lovely sent! :) now however I would say it's cleaning and decorating for fall. it always puts me in the mood to bake and drink tea and be cozy...
and yes Tilly, I am on the S&S board too! I recognized your picture as well. :)

Lauren Christine said...

Hello Tilly!

My favorite thing about fall- crisp air! :) I'm glad you are back, and I love the background.

Anonymous said...

I know it is hard to find time to blog. There are so many things that take up a mommy's time.

My favorite thing about fall is the smell of people burning leaves. I know that it sounds strange, but that is what I love.

Eliza said...

love the new look :)
it's inspiring
My favorite thing about fall is watching/smelling the leaves swirl through the middle of the field when the boys are playing football on campus :) my fav! i watch for hours while i study :)
Favorite fall chore...putting my flannel sheets on--I wait until after Oct. 24th, as a rule.

Love you,
Eli <3

Serena said...

Mmm, I love the smell of the crisp fall air! And, I'll have to go on the same vein as Sarah here: my favorite fall chore is making yummy things to eat from all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables in season!

And, completely off the subject, how did you get the breastfeeding logo? Or, rather, where did you get the html for it? I'd like to put it up on my blog, too!

(QueenOrual from the S&S Board)

Heather said...

We miss you guys sooo much!!! Much craziness around here...we did get 5 babies to take a nap at the same time yesterday so we could sort clothes...I even have stuff for Jenny!!!

Love the fall design! I love fall for the colors and the leaves and the change of temperature!!! Favorite fall chore-- changing out the clothes and decorating!!!!

Will try to call soon!

Love Ducky and ducklings

YayaOrchid said...

I love your blog colors!

My favorite thing about Fall are the cooler temperatures. Where I live it seems it's ALWAYS hot!

Canning fruit and the ample suppy of canning fruits is my favorite Fall chore.

Anonymous said...

Tilly--love the new look to your blog. I keep your blog on my Google Reader, so I can wait for you to post! ;-)


Deborah said...

Yay! You're back! I love the new look! So pretty!

I absolutely love the colours of fall. That the green leaves in the summertime become such an amazing array of colours in the fall always causes me to marvel.

My favorite fall chore? Changing all the beds to the flannel sheets and then bringing out the blankets and heavy comforters. Mmmm! Makes me want to crawl right in and have a nap.

Beth said...

I usually blog and sew and ignore my house (have you seen the dust and dog hair on my steps?).

But, my favorite fall-clean-up - would be cleaning up a pie plate. That means there was coffee or tea and pie and probably company and that combination would make me very happy to clean-up afterwards.


ElleBee said...

I love fall, the beautiful leaves and crisp temperatures. As far as "favorite" and "cleaning", not sure I've ever used those two words in the same sentence, but I do enjoy the clean smell after dusting and polishing all of the woodwork.

Brynna said...

Oh how fun! I love the "smell" of fall!! I think it must be all the leaves on the ground that make it smell so calm and comfortable.