Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Few Pictures!!

Because she's two... lol :-D

These two pictures are the result of me getting her all dressed up for a picture session (perfectly ok with her) and then at the last minute, taking her pucky out of her mouth...tomorrow we're going to try again, this time after her tylenol has kicked in!!!
My new plaid skirt!
My little sweetie-pie wanting her picture taken...
Did I mention that our kitty had a kitty? If you look right above her back leg and below her head, that's the kitten! She's almost a week old now, but was only a few days in that picture.
This is the first coat of green on half of the foyer..I really love the color and can't wait to get the chance to do more...I'm hoping to get lots done since Joe has a Friday, Saturday and Sunday off this week and next!
This is my darling girl after her bath last night. She loves Veggie Tales so my sister made her this nightgown for her gets worn every night it's not in the laundry! :)
My advice for all mothers (whether you have kids yet or not!). Splurge on nice bath stuff for your babies. I use this shampoo from California Babies for Jenny (all there scents are heavenly...and they even sell some of their line at Target now!-just look with the other baby products), and I love to finish it off with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Lotion. Just be *VERY CAREFUL* not to get any of this near their little eyes (or hands for that matter...just in case they rub their eyes!)...the peppermint burns...I know this first hand, lol. Oh, and fwiw this is what we use for Anthony...I have the shampoo, lotion and massage oil. It smells *so good*!!

Anthony needs me now and it's way past when I meant to be in bed tonight so I hope you've all enjoyed!


Mamselle Duroc said...

Miss Jenny sure does look absolutely adorable!

That's an awesome nightgown. I know of several little people who would love to have something like that.


Sommer said...

I gotta just say it...I'm totally loving the fuzzy blue socks! Why do the little girls always get such cool stuff to wear?!

The nightie is just darling too..she is such a little doll!!!!

The color looks really lovely on your share when it is all done:-)

Lots of love,