Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Days

Today was pretty lovely. I woke up for Anthony's 9:00 nursing (his schedule, not mine!) and was planning on laying him down after he finished so that I could sneak a shower and have some time with Jenny before he got up. *ahem* Imagine my surprise when I saw the clock said 11:00!! I know I needed the sleep, but geewiz! My leisurely morning was rushed since we needed to be at Heather's house at 11:30 to load up for my family's Wednesday picnic. It's a fun tradition and Jenny loves it since she gets to ride in Nana's van with Lottie and Zelie. Jenny had quite the look today with one of her t-shirt dresses, a blue bow in her hair, a red pucky (pacifier) and pink sunglasses. :-D Ah to be two!! Yesterday she requested her tu-tu and tiara. lol If not now then when, right? ;-)

When we got home Anthony nursed and then let me lay him down on the bed. This gave Jenny and I some great story time. She really likes The Saggy Baggy Elephant and a great Noah's Ark alphabet book...I'll have to find the name of it 'cause it's one of my favorites too! I find I'm much more likely to read to her if the book has nice illustrations, and these are just lovely! We watched a little bit of Barbra Streisand's movie "Funny Girl"-which is new to both of us...we're enjoying the "watch it now" feature on Netflix. We didn't make it to far into the movie but it looks like it will be fun. I'm eagerly awaiting the last two DVD's in the "Christy" series. I just mailed the first two back so I'm hoping they'll be here Friday. I've only sort of read the book before, but I'm going to have to read it for real now that I've seen the show. I'm really loving it and can't wait to finish it. In other movie news, Joe and I are thinking of declaring July "Harrison Ford" month and watching all of his movies. :-) Eliza and I tried something like that once with Audry Hepburn movies but after forcing ourselves through "Breakfast at Tiffany's" decided that we'd had enough!

I've gotten the primer done in the foyer and have the first coat of color on half of the walls. It's slow going since my arms are tired from holding my 15lb baby, but I'm getting there! I'm using the Olympic brand of paint from Lowes and so far their claim to be fume-free has held up...this really help since I can do it when the kids are here instead of having to wait for times when Joe can take them both outside...I don't think it would ever happen then!

In sewing news, I finished my pink plaid skirt and my wrap skirt. The plaid has already seen good use and I can't wait to try the wrap out. I made it with less wrap than I really want so that as I get smaller I'll be able to adjust the skirt without having it wrap to far. Jenny was fascinated by the buttons so she got to help me sew them on...I'm not sure she really understood how it worked, but she got the "push it in then pull it out" needle pattern down quickly! Very cute. :)

Well I need to go eat dinner while Anthony's happy in his swing. I have a few pictures I'll try to update with later on...I need to get a memory card thingy for my camera so I can only take 10 pictures at a time right now. :)

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Lauren Christine said...

I can't wait to see pictures! I love the "watch it now" feature too- I'll have to give Funny Girl a try :)