Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Those are my thoughts today...we have keys!! Okay, in and of itself, that's not really interesting, however, they're keys to a house...a "new" house....that we own!!! :-D It's been a long day, but everything went amazingly smoothly, and things are all done with. I even bought shelf/drawer liner for the kitchen and closets tonight! The house is just *wonderful*, and I'll try to get pictures up as soon as I can...I'm hoping to even get some of the "sold" sign that's going to be out front for the next few days.

I'm going to go curl up with my new Pottery Barn catalogs, but I'll post more when I have something worth posting...I imagine that we'll pretty much just be busy with packing and moving for a few days though. Thank you all for your help and prayers!



Clare said...

Oh, Tilly, congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

Lauren Christine said...

Congratulations!!! Yay Tilly!!! :)