Friday, February 08, 2008

Woops!! :-D --and other things--

Well, I suppose that I can blame it on pregnancy brain, but somehow I've lost a week. *POOF*-gone! So how does that merrit a blog post? Well, it means that today is my very first day in my third trimester!! Only 13 weeks until my due date!! :-D/:-O I really thought I had another week, lol...and that was shock enough. hehe I guess it's a good thing that I'm *finally* getting busy with my sewing! Today I finished up a blanket that my mom had started for one of my's a great animal safari type of print, and flannel to boot! She really blessed me with a big bag of fabric from her "Project Stash Clearing", as well as a big bag of baby clothes! I also go about half way done with the moses basket cover. I'm using a clestial printed flannel...suns and moons and stars, and I put that giant rick-rack between the backing and the front, and it's so cute! I only have to attach it all to the bottom piece, and make sheets...then I'll share pictures!

And for those who have followed my birthday sewing projects, I did complete one shirt today from Simplicity #'s a little big, but he likes it and I think it will shrink back up some when we wash it...I pre-washed the fabrics, but I think it got stretched some during sewing. He's thinking about some sort of embellishment for, and once I get that done, I'll post pictures. Over all I'm really happy with the pattern, but if your man likes a more fitted version, measure carefully, and think about going down a size.

Tomorrow is our big date day...we're going to start with breakfast at a fun little local diner, after we pick up my sister to watch Jenny. Then we're headed about 45 minutes south to "the city", and we're going to spend the day "playing" at Barnes & Noble, Panera's, Cold Stone Creamery, maybe browse the mall, and go see "Fool's Gold"....I'm so excited!! Then to top it all off, Joe's parents are taking us out to dinner at our favorite Irish Pub once we get should be a splendid day!

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Sommer said...

Oh, what a fun date you will be having(or did you have it already?)! I'm a touch jealous!

By the way, I finally found an Amelia Peabody book on tape! I'm so excited!!! Now if I can just find time to sew and knit!