Sunday, January 13, 2008


At the beginning of the week I started on a new dress for myself. I had some difficulty with getting it fit properly, but with much thanks to my mom that went smoothly and I think that with some minor additional "tweaking", the next several dresses will be even better. So, after undoing and re-doing enough seams to make three dresses, I have my new favorite dress. Thank you to the lovely ladies at Baker Lane for designing such a lovely pattern!


Lauren Christine said...

Oh, Tilly, you look BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the new dress. I think that pattern is so lovely. How pretty you are!!

Sommer said...

Tilly~That dress came out so lovely! You look wonderful in it and the color is especially springy:-) I just LOVE it!

Okay, I may have to consider making one of those the next time I get pregnant!

Lots of love,