Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So far...

I have three pairs of pajama pants in various sizes all cut out and ready to go... four of those soft fabric books cut out (whew, those are allot of cutting!! I had no idea...), and the patterns cut out (when it's one size I tend to just cut it out...) for several aprons. I've also found several neat patterns online that my sweety was able to print out at the office for me (our printer is sans black ink, and has to be moved each time we want to use it right now...not exactly ideal). Which ones? Well...okay...I suppose it can't hurt to tell you guys that much, right? (actual pattern...)
here's a picture of a few made up...

I can't wait to get started on them! Mostly for the kiddos on my list, but I think a few of the big girls would like the headbands too... :) Jenny's being REALLY clingy this afternoon so my progress has slowed down somewhat, but I'm hoping to get at least one apron cut out with"help". ;-)

Are any of you doing Christmas sewing/crafting?

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