Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

I just wanted to pop in here for a minute today...to give myself a break from tracing patterns! I have quite a bit of sewing to get done, but I hate cutting up patterns...even when I get them for a dollar or two a piece...so I just trace the size I need onto wax paper and use that instead. It's especially great for children's patterns that I know I'll want to use in different sizes. So far I have traced the pattern for my 5yro. brother in law's pajama pants (Simplicity 9499), and those for some baby sewing I'm doing for a dear friend (Simplicity 4153, and McCall's 9407). I have to look now and see what other patterns I know I'll need, and which I can make up as I go without a pattern. I'm hoping to get a bunch of cutting out done tomorrow so that I can start and finish sewing several projects tomorrow. Joe's going to help me move my sewing stuff down to the dining room so that Jenny can run around and play while I work, instead of me having to wait for her naps. Hopefully that will go well! At the very least, the dining room is warmer than my sewing room so that will be nice. :) Well...back the salt mines... I'll try to add pictures as I get projects for non-readers done!

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