Thursday, December 20, 2007

"Plan B" makes a jump to "Plan A"!

Or something equally topsy-turvy! Yup, we are the only people in the world who would so much as contemplate moving at Christmas time...but we're going to look at houses on Sunday, and with any luck be moved in by February! Exciting, huh?? I think we've pretty much settled on a house, but since they recommend actually seeing the inside of a place before you buy it we wont know for sure until Sunday. ;)

So needless to say all of my cleaning plans have shifted, and even Christmas plans have changed somewhat...I packed the very first box of books up today, and my goal is to do five a day...and of course de-clutter lots!! The house we're looking at is a bit smaller, but I think it will have more usable floor space than this one, so it should balance out nicely...I just don't want to have to move some of this junk!! I'm still rushing around with lots of Christmas sewing, so I need to get going here...please understand if I'm not posting to much for a little while...I imagine that by the end of the day I'm going to be one tired Tilly!! But I promise to keep you all updated on the big news, baby news etc. Speaking of baby news, we have chosen a girl's name! Should this baby-bump become a baby-girl, we will be calling her Lucy Noelle. Lucy means "light" (Latin), and Noelle means "day of birth" (Latin/French) what do you think?


Lauren Christine said...

Lovely!!! What a wonderful name!!! :)

Sommer said...

It was my opinion that clinched it right?! Just kidding:-) I do love that name though:-) So sweet and gentle.

I pray your move and viewings will go well.

Lots of love,

fairmaiden said...

It's a happy name. I have a christmas daughter named Holly Noel which means holy birth of Jesus. She is a very happy, cheery young lady. She was like a sparkling star shining so bright, as a child.