Saturday, December 22, 2007

Some Progress!!

Before you get terribly excited, I'm afraid I don't have any pictures to share at the moment...partly because I forgot to get pictures before I wrapped certain items, and partly because I haven't taken pictures of others. ;)

I've made good progress with some things, but then I need to really play catch up in others...for instance, I have several gifts completed, and wrapped, but I haven't even started on Jenny's Christmas outfit...which is mostly because I have no idea what to do...I had a great idea, and the fabric for it, but now I'm not sure I have the right type of patterns...even with some tweaking. Plus, seeing as she and I each have colds, there is always the question of if we'll even make it to/though Mass. I'm already planning on staying home tomorrow...I really don't want to share this cold!!

I'm sure I will be done with everything on's just a matter of doing it! I'm hoping that the house shopping will go quickly tomorrow, and that we will have good luck. :) Want to know what projects I have left? Lol, I'm sure it will make you feel better about your lists!!

Make sister's Christmas skirt
Make daughter's Christmas ensemble
Make several more toy balls for the various "under 2" people on my list (*so* much fun!)
Make grandfather's gifts (should be quick and easy!)
Finish making bil's gift
Gift for my Mama (no hints!)
(going to be late!) gifts for some sweet friends
hmmm....I think there's something I'm forgetting, but oh well, that gives you an idea anyway! :) I'm off to keep case it sounds like I'm going crazy, I *am* having a fun time with all of these's just that with this cold, I'm not making the progress I would normally. But I'm having a blast making these little toy balls! Off to stuff more... :)


Sommer said...

Oh my Tilly, you do have quite a list left! How did it go today? I hope you were able to get through some of it inspite of the cold!

Thinking of you:-)

Lauren Christine said...

I can't wait to see pictures!! I hope you've had good progress made ;)