Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Peak At Jenny

Okay, I know I have lots of things to update on, but I just had to share this one before I forgot it. :) The past few days talking with Jenny (who has quite the vocabulary) goes like this... oh, and "pucky" (rhymes with ducky) is her pacifier.

Jenny: blabblesmacksqueek loooopy
Me: Honey, take your pucky out of your mouth so I can understand you.
Jenny: (takes pucky out of mouth)
Me: Okay, what do you need?
Jenny: Um... I need my pucky!! :) (pucky goes back in) blabblesmacksqueek loooopy

:-D ah the joys of being a mommy... :-D

I asked Jenny if I should add anything since she insisted on seeing what I was writing and she said..."Um... cup." ;-) So without further ado... "Cup." :) What cup you ask? (or maybe I've already lost you and you don't care...)

The best cup EVER. Even my niece can't chew through it, the stopper doesn't fall out no matter how much shaking the baby puts it through...dish washer friendly, and did I mention it DOESN'T LEAK??? I mean...we've tried every cup Wally world sells, and this one is our all time favorite. :) BTW, it's made by Gerber and comes in 7oz and 10oz sizes. Until later!


Lauren Christine said...

Hello Tilly! I was just thinking about you this afternoon. I'm so glad to hear all is well and you are back safe and sound. :)

Sommer said...

I too am so glad you are back safely! I've missed you:-)

It is moments like the one you shared on your post that make me so very blessed to be a mommy! They are perfect in their sweetness and I just adore those phrases mumbled around a pacifier or sippee:-)

Thanks for sharing...oh, and I will reply to your email soon:-)

Lots of love,