Sunday, December 09, 2007

Advent, Shoes, and Sewing!


Well, my camera is charging right now, so I'll either edit this later for pictures, or just post a part II later today. I've been busy here this weekend trying to clean the house (which involves allot of de-junking!) and decorate. I haven't made nearly as much progress as I would have liked...partly because I've had fun spending time with both of our families, and partly because playing one and only parent to a toddler cutting three teeth is just complicated. :) Joe will be back later this afternoon from a skiing trip with the BSA and I hope he's surprised by what I've done...and able to help me move a few big things. :)

The weekend really started on Friday since Joe had that day off and didn't have to leave for skiing until afternoon. We headed up to our nearest big town to do a bit of Christmas shopping at Target and to grab lunch in the decorated-for-Christmas mall. The power grid that Target is on was without power and they were running on 25% generator power....but they were open and I hated to waste the gas, so we did our shopping anyway! I found some wonderful new maternity clothes that were badly needed! Sadly no skirts, but I'm hoping to make some of those soon...

Later that afternoon my mom and I headed out for some long overdue girly time at Wally world...we explored all both isles of their Christmas bath sets and chose some lovely ones for ourselves, and then headed back to the fabric department where we found some great deals!! I got almost 7 yards of a beautiful pink calico for the Catherine's Choice dress from Baker Lane (my mom will be loaning me the pattern so I wont have to spend $20 for my own copy...which makes it a possibility! :) for only $2.00/yd. That's only $12.00 (plus enough for a little something for Jenny or this baby if it's a girl like I think) for a modest maternity/nursing dress for this spring and summer! I also found for $1.00/yd; a lilac cotton solid and a springy/leafy green cotton solid that I got two yards each of (for matching spring/summer church outfits for Jenny and the baby), and for $2.00/yd, I found some neat lightweight (but perfect for little clothes!) sweatshirt fleece, in white and a pretty turquoise... I got almost 1.5 yards (all that was left) of the white, and 3 yards of the turquoise. And then for the normal flannel price (sadly not on the sale tables...) I got solid red and solid white for Jenny's Christmas outfit. I decided not to make the traditional dress and have to juggle tights and keeping her dress down and her warm etc. (she doesn't really sit still in Church yet) and go with something I just saw in "Sew Beautiful Magazine"...I think it was technically supposed to be pajamas, but it's red flannel pants in sort of a basic cut...nothing frilly, and then a simple top with a peter pan color and an extended length. Hard to describe, but with all of the embellishments it is SO cute! I'll try to find a picture of it... I think it will be really cute!

It's time to go rotate laundry and get more fabric washing... I have done practically nothing for any of my Christmas sewing so that has to get really under way tomorrow! I figured if I make sure everything is all washed and ready to go then I'll be all ready to get started. :) I'll post pictures of those things that wont ruin surprises! ;)

I hope you all are having a wonderful Second Sunday of Advent! :)

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Sommer said...

Sounds like a fun time with your mom! My mom really isn't the sewing no fun jaunts to JoAnn's for us..boohoo!
I'd love to make some nice fleecy things for Liam and the girls. I was over there a few days ago and found some lovely courderoy with horses and cute!

Well, I hope your day is full of blessings.

Lots of love,