Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Going Crazy...

Well, life has been fairly quiet lately...the only big news, is that we still haven't caught this dreadful mouse...I made another infuriating discovery today...mouse "stuff" all over my sewing table...and the piles on it. :( I'm so upset!! Joe will get it all cleaned up for me tonight, but it's still really upsetting...all the fabrics will have to be washed, and now I'll have to go through *everything* in there...and it's not really a tidy room right now...*sigh* I guess I'll be doing allot of laundry!! That is, after I wash all the laundry that was in the hampers that the mouse went through. >:( I think that tonight and tomorrow we're going to re-evaluate our "plan of attack" and hopefully it will result in catching the mouse/mice.

In other news, I have my first doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon...I had really hoped to get in with the midwives, but I can always swap later...I just want to be sure all is well, and this is supposed to be a good group!

I'm off to rotate laundry... >:(!!!

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Sommer said...

Eeeeeek! You poor dear! I'm so sorry you've got to deal with a little pest. I hope you find it/them soon:-0

And I have been praying about your appt. I hope all has gone well my friend!