Sunday, October 28, 2007

A New Mission...

My new mission is to get my home under control. I want to try to have everything gone through, de-cluttered, re-organized, and scrubbed down by Christmas. That sounds like a long time, but it's only about 8 weeks away. I think that when you add in "distractions" (lol) like Thanksgiving, and decorating during Advent and just the usual commitments, that it's a pretty reasonable amount of time.'s time to set my first goal! Here are two of my least favorite places right now...the first is at the foot of my bed in the master bedroom, and the second is our office/family room/den... where we have been sleeping for many complicated reasons, and where Jenny has been playing while I was to sick to get up and chase her around. :)

I know, right?? on earth did it get like that????
Anyway, my plan is based on several of FLYLady's methods...SO!-I will be working for a minimum of 2 hours a day. I will brake it down into 8- 15 minute blocks, and will use my timer! 45 minutes in each the bedroom and office = 1-1/2 hours. That leaves time for two 15 minute blocks in another area. I think I will start tomorrow in the kitchen. We enter our house here, and there is absolutely NO entrance area, so everything tends to be "dropped" here, so the floor clutters up fast! Also, we were making my sister's birthday cake in there earlier, so it looks extra behind. :) My goal is that by Sat. the 3rd I will have these two rooms under control and lookin' good! :) I am SO excited to be getting back on top of things.

Tomorrow is Monday, which means it will also be laundry day. For a while I was really good about doing my day of the week chore, but that too has slipped right now. So I'm going to start that back up this week as well. My only other big goal is to get my homemaking journal made up. I have started it, but I think I'll work on that this week too! That way I have some productive seat work.

Well that's it for tonight...Joe helped me move some bookshelves around so I'm going to try to get a bit done tonight before bedtime. I'll keep you all posted!


Jenny said...

Believe me, I can relate to what you are tackling! I have a similar situation going on at our place right now. We are also hoping to move in the next month or so which is more incentive for me to downsize.
All the best with your project! I'll be organizing, cleaning, and downsizing along with you! :)

Sommer said...

Well, Tilly...are you ready? I am looking forward to getting my house in order! There is something invigorating about it:-)

And, you know, I don't feel so much like I'm the only one battling this right is good to have a friend to "work and clean" with:-)

Good luck on yours and I think we will both have some great "after" pics!

Lots of love,

Shar said...

I just ran across your's and Sommer's blogs tonight and you have both given me inspiration! I too am fighting with trying to get my house under control. It felt so good to see your pictures and know that I am not the only one out there fighting this!! :o) I wish you the best and you have both given me inspiration! Thanks!

Leaves said...

Good luck. I'm in the process or organizing (or reorganizing) our house. It can be overwhelming, for sure. Take care.

jayedee said...

you are so brave! no way would i post "before" pictures for all the world to see! frankly, i'm not sure my "after" pictures would be so great either! LOL LOL

you go girl!