Friday, November 02, 2007


Well, I got the hat done in time! :) Thursday morning when Jenny woke up, she went and brought me my makeup bag and her lion hat and said "Please, again kitty cat RAR!?" So she wandered around yesterday all costumed out too. :) Here are some pictures!!

I had hoped to add a tail, but wound up using every scrap of ribbon on the hat! :) Nearly 80 yards!!!! lol But it was SO CUTE! She was so cute, after the second house, she realized that the people were putting CANDY into her bag and started going, "Candy, Candy, CANDY" when we got near a funny!

We didn't have the big exciting week we had been hoping for...Monday went fairly well, but I had a nasty headache...then by Tuesday morning it had grown into a full on migraine. :( Luckily Joe was able to come home from work early though, so poor Jenny didn't have to be quiet for to long!

Today is getting off to a slow start, but I have my "to do" list all prepped and ready to go, so I'm going to scoot and get busy with it! Today's (hubby aproved) goals? 1) Clean and organize laundry closet. 2) Wash/dry/fold/put away laundry (needs to be caught up and done with!). 3) Weed out and put away "heap" in bedroom (see picture in last post). Then Joe's going to help me with some vacuuming when he gets home and that will make a big difference! Those are my goals...if I can get them done I'll be a very happy girl!


~~Anne said...

Oh Tilly, she's absolutely adorable!!!! I love the costume; you did a great job on it.

~~Anne (from Peggy's list)

Lauren Christine said...

Tilly darling, she is SO cute. I just love her costume! I can't believe those ribbon curls... well done!!! What a good momma you are :)

Rosetta Rose said...


That's every bit as cute as I imagined it would be. So worth all the hard work!!!


Sommer said...

Okay..she is just the cutest lion ever! What a wonderful job you did:-)

Lots of love,

jayedee said...

what a beautiful little girl! (and a fabulous costume!)thanks for sharing lovie!

Littlepenpen said...

Oh my gosh! What an adorable outfit. She is precious!!!