Friday, October 26, 2007

A Cute Fall Craft & Our Goings On : )

Here's a cute little apple I made for a fall swap I was in. I can't wait to make more like this for me! And I think I'm going to try solid colors instead, and use orange to make pumpkins. :) It's super easy...just cut a 12" (or larger/smaller, that's the size I used, and I think it makes a nice "small" size) circle of your fabric, and do a running/gathering stitch around the edge. Gather it up and pour in about a half cup of beans or rice, then stuff the rest with craft stuffing (in a pinch, I bet you could recycle those plastic shopping bags too!). Gather it up the rest of the way, and stick a cinnamon stick into the center, all the way to the bottom. Hot glue the edges of the fabric to the cinn. stick and tie a scrap in brown or green around for leaves. This was so fun, and the cinn. stick makes it smell really yummy!! :) The picture really doesn't do justice to how cute these are!! Oh, and that blue thing is a washcloth I recently finished knitting. :)
My fall apple

Jenny wanted her picture taken too... :) How about that nugget covered face?

This doesn't show it too well, but this is a skirt I recently make's fleece, and the flower is two layers (one smaller than the other), with a button sewn into the center...and you can't quite see them, but I found some really cute cotton tights for her to wear with, purple, and green stripes! :)

This is from the other day when I was taking pictures of the Target finds...Jenny again wanted her picture taken! Those are her yellow fleece jammies...I need to make her more! :)

Please ignore the messy looks much better now! :)

Today was pretty quite here...Jenny and I went over to Joe's families' home to visit with his grandmother while she's here visiting. We wound up staying for lunch, and Jenny had warmed up enough to say "Bye bye" as we were leaving... :) I guess she'll have more time to get to know Nanni when she's down over Christmas. After we got home, Jenny went down for her nap, and I got some more work done in our's a long story, but I think we will be sleeping in there again either tonight or tomorrow! See, in August, it got to hot to sleep in a room w/o an airconditioner, so we moved into the office where on the futon (fairly comfy!). Well, since it stayed so hot until, oh yeah, last week (!), we just haven't gotten back in there. However, I'm getting to that point of pregnancy where I really need to be comfy to sleep, so the feather bed we got has really been tempting me! :) Yesterday I got the bed all made up and fluffed with our new flannel sheets, and today I actually wound up moving it to the other wall. It looks so much better now! The room is already more cozy, and it opened up a lot of floor space...I'm wondering why I didn't think of this when we set the room up this spring??? :)

Our "big plans" for the evening involve soft tacos from Taco Bell, and our latest netflix dvd- CSI season 1, (I think disc 3 or 4). Last night we got to see Transformers! :) We didn't get to see it when it came out, for one reason after another, and then it's been rented out until Monday, when we scooped up a copy for our next free night. It was worth the wait! And staying up 2-1/2 hours later than was so fun! There is one part of one scene that really was totally unnecessary, (not dreadful, just not child friendly!!) but other than that I REALLY loved it. :) Fantastic cars...:-D


Lauren Christine said...

Awww! What a sweet purple skirt! I think its adorable. And what a cute idea with the apple!

Sarah Jane Meister said...

I love the apple idea! My mom has made pumpkins with a toilet paper roll and orange fabric, but I love the idea of using beans for the filler!