Monday, October 22, 2007

Gotta Love Target!!

Well yesterday I got in my big trip to Target! :) I've been hearing wonderful things about Method (natural) cleaners, and I've been in desperate need of new/more hand towels and washcloths. I was able to find what I needed, plus a few house treats. :) I found little rug/mats for $3.99 each for my kitchen...I needed three...two of the (unmatched) mats in there were stained beyond help, and the other one is really supposed to go in the upper hall. So I have three pretty new red mats now! :) And all three for the price of another one I had considered. Then, thanks to my sweet husband I was able to get another set of sheets for our bed. We've been making due with one set, and I was going to miss my flannel sheets!! I found a lovely set that will fit over our featherbed, they're dark brown with turquoise snow flakes...just the colors of our room! :) I already have the kitchen linens washed, so as soon as they're out of the dryer I'll sew ribbon loops onto the towels and be all set to start cleaning!! Here are a few pictures...

Posing one of my new red rugs, are my new cleaners! The scents are amazing!!

The tumblers are to replace our glasses that keep refusing to come clean...I can fit my hands into them, so if they don't do in the dishwasher, I can always get them myself...with my new towels and washclothes! I got two sets of TWICE what you see here! (happy dance)
This is the print on my new sheets...I can't wait to try them!!


jayedee said...

you've inspired me to plan my own trip into target to try some of the new cleaning products! the scents sound really yummy! do they really smell as good as they sound?

Lauren Christine said...

OOOH! What fun!!! Those sheets are so cute!

Kay said...

Tilly -- sounds like you had such a fun time! And you got all kinds of wonderful treasures. Thanks for sharing about your day!


~~Anne said...


Thanks for sharing the photos. I can't wait to get over to Target and give some of these products a try. Your home must be smelling really fresh and clean now.


Sommer said...

Target is so awesome and the deals are amazing! I LOVE the sheets:-)