Friday, July 13, 2007

Here's to a busy weekend...

Well it's another BSA hiking weekend, which means Jenny and I have the place to ourselves after they leave later. I'm really hoping to start the process of digging out my to-be-sewing room. It's a great big room that I'm going to get until we need to make it a bedroom....and then I'll probably move into the nursery...but that's several years down the road so I'm going to kick back and enjoy it while I've got it!! I got some neat closet made cubicle shelves for sorting fabric and "other things", I've picked out a paint color and a rug, and I have all sorts of now I just have to start with the nasty part of clearing it out. Worst case scenario; mice have gotten into my boxes of fabric and I'll have to wash everything, and kill mice (not to mention the possibly even worse: spiders) and clean everything EXTRA case scenario is that I'll just have to kill a few spiders and vac. up old mouse "stuff" and just do a bunch of sorting and general cleaning. Either way I just have to keep reminding myself how nice it will all look when I'm done with it and what a blessing it will be to our family. - not just because I'll be able to sew more for us, but also because my sewing/crafting/projects/fabric will not be taking up space in every single other room of the house...ahem. That's the theory anyway!!!! :-)

I'm off to go take stock of the room and see just how dreadful it's gotten... I'll try to post some pictures in the next day or so!


Lauren Christine said...

How exciting!! I can't wait to have a sewing room someday. As for now, I too have a tendency to leave my projects... on the dining table! Lol! Its really the only table I can take over. I really hope you'll post pictures as you go along- and best of luck with the spiders. My great grandmother used to say a spider in the house was good luck... :)

Sommer said...

Sounds like a neat project...minus the spiders and mouse "stuff"! What a blessing to have a sewing room...I'd love that some day. Right now I have a sewing the living room:-)

Looking forward to pics! Enjoy your "girl" weekend.

Lots of love,

Sommer said...

Thanks for stopping by again:-) Always love hearing from you!
Somehow babies always cause us to desire having them again...that is why I don't say that I am finished growing my family when people ask. I love children and see them as a heritage of the Lord. Mighty blessings indeed :-)

Those flowers are lovely...I've never seen them in white! How neat. Do you know what they are called?

Well, hope you are having a lovely day.

Lots of love,