Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Favorite Thing...and other things...

It's kosher, vegan, good for you *and* it tastes fantastic??? Surely there is no such thing you say? Not so...

This, "Dark Chocolate with Deep Forest Mint" is one of several products that they offer... 100% Ethically Traded and I think (though of course now that I want to find the number I can't...) they give 10% of their net profits to "Support species, habitat and humanity"...there, I did find it! Anyway you can find it online at or if you're lucky like me you can find it at Food Lion (not the one in Woodstock for you local readers, but the one is Strasburg does carry it). I would imagine places like Whole Foods would probably carry it too.

In other news, my first flower has's a Zinnia and there are several more blooms that look like they're getting close...I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow. My pansies and miniature rose are also making comebacks. I think due to my (and nature's) re-commitment to watering them and the less than 100* weather we've been having. My squash plant is also doing well, with many blooms...funny part about that is that I didn't plant squash...I think a birdie friend stole the seed from my neighbors and dropped it off for me on his way's funny because (well okay, it's funny because there's squash growing in my flower bed) I told Joseph that it was the 1 veg. I was really hoping to plant this year...but then we never got around to doing our veg. garden...I'm sure my guardian angel is getting a kick out of this. (rolls eyes)

I'm off to bed but I just thought I'd post really quick...more tomorrow!


Sommer said...

Hi Tilly~

Hard to believe that chocolate can be good...but, if you say so :-)
Also, congrats on your blooming flowers. Sadly, mine all die...I'm not very good at watering them and they just don't thrive in my world. Oh well!
By the way, I'm so glad you found my blog:-) I really am enjoying it here.
I too plan on making one of those wraps for Liam...but first I must come up with money for the fabric. 5-7yards could cost a bit if I'm not careful!
Let me know if you make one for Jenny, I'd love to see how it turned out and if it is as easy as it seems.

Have a great weekend, dear friend!

Lots of love,

FamilyMan said...

Hello Tilly--Squash is just the best plant. The flowers are pretty, the produce abundant, and it grows like crazy.

Remember the bed we grew in the small spot in front of where the Jeep parked? I think of it everytime I mow that spot now. Should have kept it going, I guess--would have saved me a lot of mowing!