Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

What a fun day we've was so busy, that we're all very tired and ready for bed! Maybe we'll make it to fireworks next year...I didn't think Jenny would hold up very well, even though I'm sure she would have loved them. We went down to our favorite ice cream shop which was having a big celebration...Jenny and I shared a soft serve swirl waffle cone. Yummy!

For dinner we went to our dear friends and neighbor's house...they have two girls in their early teens and their daughter in law was there too...their son is serving in Iraq right now. We had a great time and Jenny got blueberries, so all was good. :)

I have to go get Jenny tucked in since it's a mere 3 hours past her usual bedtime...I'll try to post more in the next few days!


FamilyMan said...

Iraq, and yes it breaks the "q" rule...;-)

Tilly said...

Aha! I knew it was something like why on earth didn't the spell check suggest that? Surely I'm not the only person in the world who can't spell???

FamilyMan said...

The mere existence of spellcheck confirms your suspicion...most people have issues with it--don't sweat it!