Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring is Here!!

Green grass every where I look, birds singing, dafodills in a vase on the table, clothes out on the line...yup, it's spring for real!!
The Sears guy came while we were gone and found that a baby sock (thank you Jenny) was blocking the I'm going to start pinning them together and/or get a mesh bag to hold them. :) I'm getting caught up from our trip as well as pre-washing fabric for some new skirts and with the breeze everything is drying in no time.
Today was Jenny's first real lunch. :) She had her own plate and everything! She had about 1/2 a piece of ham and 1/2 a piece of cheese. Of that she ate all of the ham and 1/2 the cheese...and half of a chocolate chip cookie! She loved sitting with me and first she sort of looked at me like, "Are you sure, Mommy??" lol It was so cute!
Tonight I'm going to run out to WalMart to get a bunch of zippers to make my spring/summer skirts. :) I have a bunch of fun summery/retro prints and I can't wait to get started! I made a mockup this morning and know what I need to do to make them all fit wonderfully. I also did my first re-fashion! Last summer I got a pair of capri length (read: ankle length) pajama pants. I decided that I loved the fabric, but not the pants, so I figured that I might as well try making them into a skirt. It was that or give them away, so I figured I had nothing to loose. I cut the inner leg seams and sewed them for a front and back center seam. I also cut the side seams up to my knee and hemmed them to make side slits so that I could walk. I find this to be an important part of every day, so this step was crucial. I might look for a fabric to put a wedge in where the slits are so that it's not quite so open...I might look at wally while I'm there.
I know I have allot to catch up on from vacation, but I have to wait until I unpack my camera charger so that I can upload my pictures. I will say this though, swim trunks are the only way to go. I borrowed Joe's so I could take Jenny to the pool while he was at his conference...I'm going to get myself a pair before I go to the beach with my family later in the month. They were so modest and comfy! I highly recommend giving it a try to all of my lady readers. :)

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Anonymous said...

hey-wally was fun :> so was rite aid...see you when my face is swollen....eli