Monday, April 23, 2007

Back at last!

I will be getting caught up over these next few days here at my little tea table. :) I have many pictures from Disney, Jenny's birthday, and our recent trip to Avon, NC with my family. I'm getting them uploaded to my laptop now, and will be posting them soon. :) I left for the beach on a cold rainy day, and have come back to green everything, 80* temps and so much sun! I will be making up the rest of my garden plans and Joe and I will be working on that...making the raised beds and putting up a fence to keep the various rabbits, deer and goats and cats that wonder our lawn and finally the planting of our first garden... :) I have many projects planned for the next month or so, and hope to find a regular time and day to update here so that I don't go another month without posting!!


FamilyMan said...

It's only been 15 days, not a whole month...;-)

heyitseliza said...

dude, love the new colors. They are sweet. xo <3