Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Despite the snow flurries, it was a lovely day. Mass was beautiful this morning, and despite the length, Jenny was really good. Brunch with Joe's family was nice...I brought biscuits and two "fruit vases". David made a fantastic chocolate moose and Caroline made really neat little lemon tarts...I missed their official name, but they were served frozen and Jenny LOVED them! :)

This afternoon we kept up the tradition of an Easter afternoon nap for all family members. Jenny had great fun trying to get us to wake up. :) At one point she was bouncing on my stomach, and later she was pulling my eyes open and laughing like it was the best game ever. :)

It looks like that time at the pool in FL really payed off. Jenny had a bath tonight.......and only cried when we took her out! :D She splashed and played and had an absolute blast. :) So now I'm working on pulling together an evening routine that involves Jenny getting a nice bath time with Daddy, while I can clean up her room without her "help". It's so nice to snuggle her while she smells all fresh and lavendery. :)


Alfred said...

moose = 4 legs, antlers, and huge
mousse = fluffy dessert, usually chocolate

Which did Dave bring? I figure it's 50/50.

That's all for today's edition of fun with homophones.

Sommer said...

Hi Tilly~So glad you had a nice Easter! Ours was really nice too.

Hope to chat soon,

heyitseliza said...

i'm sure whichever he brought was brought with beauty ;) lol