Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A few Disney Pictures :-)

Disney's Magic Kingdom

I don't care if you have to pack, I want to play!!!

Jenny was sooo good in the car for the whole 13 hour drive...not one major melt down!

Check out the morning hair!! :)

The wonderful world of, the disney channel?? Jenny discovered the world of "Handy Many"

I'm ready!

Our first stop was to get Jenny her first pair of "ears" she wasn't really amused at first. ;)

Disney at last!!

Jenny's first ride was Dumbo...she loved it! After that we took her on the Peter Pan ride, and "It's a Small World", she loved both!

But they did rather tire her out... :) So she slept through the parade...

As soon as we got to the park the next day we decided to "kick off" with ice cream, while Joe was getting it for us we met a duck. :)

Jenny loved the crunch bar I got :D

So I split it with her... lol

This is while we stopped for lunch in "Frontier Land"....she was really impressed that they had ice cream, rides *and* french fries at Disney...maybe it wasn't so bad after all!

She even got to meet Mickey!

It was so cute, he was playing peek-a-boo with her, and all of a sudden she reached out and grabbed the nose!

After meeting Mickey, we went to see the fireworks (which she loved!) Once we got back to the room though, she couldn't get to bed fast enough!

Jenny meet Mary Poppins

Jenny deciding that I've taken enough pictures of other things and demanding her picture be taken now... :D

Meeting Belle...who's more excited, Jenny, or me???

Well there you have it, our trip through pictures. :)

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Mama Manak said...

Hey there! Love the pics! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!