Friday, February 09, 2007

Joe's Birthday!

Well, despite boiling the cake and forgetting the balloons...not to mention his gift not being here in time, Joe says it was a good birthday. :) Dinner turned out well, and the cake actually wasn't bad. It looked like my usual birthday cakes though...sigh, I mean, it was just a 13/9 with frosting on the top...what's so hard about that?? Any other day of the year I can make a cake that looks fantastic...but whenever it's for a birthday it looks awful. Why?? What's so hard about spreading frosting?? At least it wasn't as bad as the cake I made for Eliza's 10th(ish) birthday...I was going for a tiered starlight cake, with pink butter cream frosting with green stars (or leaves?) around the edges of each tier...not to hard right? Well, the cakes ran over the pans while they were baking, creating a lovely fire in the bottom of the oven. After getting the remains out of the pans and letting them cool, I tried to frost them. The pink was wouldn't spread, and wouldn't change it's consistency no matter what I did...much like the green...which wouldn't thicken. It was like a really thin glaze, no matter how much powdered sugar went into it. I followed the recipes EXACTLY and it looked like (crooked) pink and green volcano was SO ugly and...I cried. We ate it anyway, it tasted (mostly) like a normal cake...oh well. Perhaps I can master this problem if I practice allot between now and Jenny's 1st. Birthday...

Well I got off on a rabbit trail there..sorry. :) The guys have the BS hiking trip this weekend, so I think Eliza's going to come over to spend the nights with me. I'm going to try to get some stuff done for Joe (I wont say more in-case he reads this before he leaves...), clean our room and maybe get some of the decorations up for my Saint Valentine's Day tea party...oh, and make and mail the invitations. :) It's just a small get together, but I think it will be fun. Jenny has the FLUFFIEST pink and white "cupcake" dress to wear. I was going to save it for Easter, but I'm not sure it will fit if I wait. It's a 12mos. which is what she's wearing now...and I want to make sure she wears this dress! :)

Oh, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to Sommer on her new little boy Liam. Born 02/02/07, tipping the scales at 9.11! Both mama and baby are doing well.

Well I'm off to get busy...have a great weekend!


FamilyMan said...

Hello Tilly,
You really communicate your personality here--it is just like speaking with you.


eliza said...

i'm sorry our plans are off :( we should go shopping tho? call me lover. kiss kiss