Monday, January 29, 2007

It's a cold! It's the flu! No, it's strep!

Which, unlike the others, is treatable. :) So we are on our way back to being our usual healthy selves, which is good because much more and I was going to go crazy!! However in happier news, we did get 2" of snow which lasted all of a day and a half...and Jenny stood up today! Granted it was only for about 30 seconds, but she seemed rather pleased with the whole thing.

She (Jenny) has been growing so much lately. She's deffinately changing her looks from baby to toddler. :( The nice part is how much she's sleeping...she didn't get up until nearly 11:00 this morning! Partly because she was up singing to her dolly from 5-6 this morning, but that hardly explains all the extra sleep! Maybe it's all the Ritz crackers and rice she's been eating. The Lipton instant Garlic and Herb rice is her new favorite food. When she sees it nothing else will do until she's eaten all of it that she can get her hands on.

Well I'm off to enjoy a nice hot pot of peppermint tea in my beautiful new tea set. I've used the cups before, but this is the first whole pot I've made. I think I need to design tea tables to go in each room so that serving it is easier...not the scampering to clear off the nightstand isn't exciting in its own way, but it would be easier to not have to juggle the tray and the hair clips. :)

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Sommer said...

Oh Tilly! You poor thing...strep is so unpleasant, but thank goodness for meds:-)
Congrats on Jenny standing...very exciting. Look out world!
Would you perchance have pictures of your new tea set? I love tea and tea sets!

Hoping you are feeling better,