Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Clothes, China and Coffee

This afternoon I took my sister Olivia shopping at our local thrift shop. :) Here's what I found...
1 plaid (white, gray and pink) flannel button up~~~~~$1.50
1 burnt orange long sleeve t (L.L.Bean!!)~~~~~$1.00
1 cream and rose long sleeve t (my favorite piece)~~~~~$2.00
1 blue, yellow and turquoise long sleeve t~~~~~$2.00
1 periwinkle button up cardigan~~~~~$1.50
1 light blue polo style sweater w/ floral embroidery (grins)~~~~~$2.00
1 long sweater in green, light pink and rose (I LOVE this one too)~~~~~$1.50
1 long khaki house dress (that I can nurse in!)~~~~~$2.00
and the best find of the day...
set of china:
8 dinner plates, 8 soup bowls, 7 salad plates, 7 tea cups, 8 saucers~~~~~$8.00!!!!

So much fun! They were closing so I didn't get a chance to look for in their second room, where they keep all of their children's clothes so I'll have to go back... :)

I'll post pictures of the China and my tea set (Sommer!) as soon as I take them. :) I also got most of my grocery shopping done and some long awaited on-line purchases made. Vacuum bags from www.vacuumbags.com, part of Joe's birthday gift, as well as my friend Christen's (www.mamamanak.blogspot.com) from Leaflet Missal (a little hinting never hurt, right) ;), and these two pictures from www.allposters.com

Aren't they beautiful?


heyitseliza said...

i saw you so much today ;)
i do want to borrow your orange shirt *whoot whoot*
kiss kiss,

Sommer said...

Sounds like some great deals! I've got to remember to go down to our thrift store soon...okay, after the baby comes ;-p
I can't wait to see some pics...thanks!