Monday, December 04, 2006

" 'What's that?', you say?"

Why, it's two blog entries in one week! And beautiful's hard to tell which you were referring to... ;)

So far so good today. I unloaded some of the Christmas decorations onto the counter for the see what we have and think about where it should go part of decorating. :) Tonight when Joe gets home we're going to put up some of the lights on the house. I don't think we'll get it all done tonight because a) it will be mostly dark, and b) we need to borrow a latter to do the lights along the gutters. The plan is to get all of the ones along the rails up and running though, so that should be nice.

I'm also almost done cleaning our room. It was in desperate need of rescuing and I've gotten most of it done. Jenny's down for her second nap of the day (she must be growing because she's really been tired the past few days) so I'm going to go finish that up and try to vacuum in there before she wakes up.

I've started playing her CD of Peter and the Wolf for her at nap times and she really seams to like it. Joe got it for her while we were up in NJ...maybe even before she was born. It's really well done, I like listening to in via the baby monitor. :)

Off to vacuum!

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eliza said...

that's quite alot of posts missy!