Monday, December 04, 2006

A Cool Advent Idea

Okay, many are familiar with the "Christ candle". A white candle placed in the center of the Advent wreath that is only lit on Christmas and the days following. Some people leave it out all year and simply stop lighting it during Advent, others only have it out during the Christmas season...either way, you don't light it during Advent. Well, today while poking around online I found another neat idea. You simply cover the "Christ candle" with a blue and white cloth to symbolize Mary's last weeks of pregnancy...Since the entire point of Advent is to prepare for Christ's birth, I thought this was a neat way of provoking some additional thoughts. And so far it's actually working. :) It's been really neat to see our advent wreath with the blue and white draped candle in the center...every time I see it I think about what it symbolizes...pretty cool. Anyway, just an idea as we're kicking off Advent. I'm having some technical difficulties with my camera right now, but if I can work them out tomorrow, I'll try to post a picture of our wreath.

I need to go iron some of Joe's work shirts since I forgot them in the dryer... so goodnight!

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caroline said...

We are doing this, too! I read about it a few years ago. It has made a real impression on the littles, especially since I explained the idea of Jesus hidden inside Mary to them as they wrapped the blue cloth around the candle. We used the little blue and white lace cloth that is usually on our altar table. Worked great!