Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This is it!

It looks like this is the year when I will finally get out a Christmas letter! :) I've always wanted to and tried a few times, but I think this is it. I have it all typed up and saved waiting the go ahead/proof reading of Joe. I've been working on a list of who to send it too as well as starting to address the envelopes for the past half hour or so, and so far so good!

While Jenny napped this morning I decided to do something nice for Joe. I hung the Christmas lights! He has a class this week and will be getting home late, and it's already so cold out that by the time he would have a spare minute to get to them, it would not be any fun. So I got all of them up except for the ones that involve a latter...I need a latter and help for those, so I guess he'll have to help with those next week. I also hung up a bunch of red bows and I think it's rather cute. Sort of simple, which I think is nice. When I got in from hanging those my hands were quite cold, so I treated myself to a cup of "Chocolate Truffle" cocoa...it was sooo good! :)

It was so nice to wake up to a nice clean room this morning! I got Jenny dressed and she was actually able to kick around and play on the floor of our room! :D And since she was so happy exploring her new area, and I didn't have to work in there, I painted my nails. :) A pretty pearly sheer. I've already banged them up of course, but you can't really tell and they still make me smile, so all is good. :)

Well I'm going to go see if I can finish off some of the things I'm making for Christmas gifts until Jenny wakes up. Talk to you all later!

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