Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Room Is SOOO Pretty! :-D

Today I spent the day hands wont close, my back is killing me, and I don't think I could go up that latter again if I had to, but it's done and beautiful and I absolutly love it. :) A special thank you to Eliza for helping me get the primer on, and to Joseph for watching Jenny so I could work. :) Love you guys!!! So here is the big debut!

This is from our bedroom door...
Jenny's Corner...

Our bed is on the same wall as our door...

I love love love my new bedding!!
A close-up of the picture on our dresser...I'll hang it tomorrow :)
Why it's all so worthe it :)

Well, it's just after midnight and it's been a long day...I'm off to say the rosary with Joe and go to bed in my "new" room. :) I can't wait to wake up and see it all in the light though!! :D


Sommer said...

Your room looks lovely! Absolutely refreshing. I'm sure it will be a much more relaxing place now that you have completed its makeover.


eliza said...

lovely, lovely, lovely!! ciao bella, eliza

MamaManak said...

Jenny is SUPER, SUPER cute!!! That picture is adorable. I like your bedroom and that picture too! :)