Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Lovely Day

Today has been a true succes! Eliza came over today, as it is Wednesday to help me work on the house. I've been trying really hard to get the bedroom cleaned up lately because with any luck we will paint it this weekend. :D There was so much clothing to sort through and put away, and just so much clutter and junk that had built up since we moved's amazing! I took two trash bags out of here!! I don't know how it built up, but I'm going to do my best to keep it from happening again. I'm down to one last pile which I'll put a dent in this evening, and hopefully finish up tomorrow during Jenny's nap.

Speaking of Jenny, I suppose an update on her would be nice. :) She's settling into a nice little schedule. We wake up around 7:00-7:15, then she goes down for her morning nap a little after 9:30. She's up again by 11:30 most days, and plays with me for a while before going down to nap again around 2:00ish. She's up again by 3:30 or so (the afternoon nap is still working into a really regular time, depending on how long the morning nap is). At 9:00pm I nurse her to sleep and she sleeps in her bassinet until about 5:00 most nights. Happy Mama! She's getting so sweet as her little personality develops. She's almost to the point of sitting up by herself now!

Well this is my shower time so I need to scoot. I'll try to post more pictures soon!

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eliza said...

fabulous, dahling, simply, fabulous :)