Monday, October 09, 2006

A Day At Home & A Recipe

I thought I'd take a minute before Jenny wakes up from her nap to update. :) She has been so good lately, I am so grateful for her little built in schedule! Her naps are finally giving me some much needed to time to work around the house and get things done. While she's awake she's generaly happy to kick around on a blanket with a wooden spoon and tupperware lid. The rest of the time however, she wants to be carried around so that she can watch what I'm doing...and doesn't always like it when I don't let her help. :)

This morning I got a roast in the crock pot. I made up the recipe, so if it turns out well I'll post it here later tonight, or tomorrow. I also made a Lazy Man's apple pie to surprise Joe with after dinner. Right now I'm waiting for two more apple pie fillings to freeze then I'll make up at least two more and get those frozen and ready to pull out later this winter for yummy pies. :) I also got 4lbs. of ground beef cooked and in the freezer in 1lb. bags. It's so nice to have this cooked up ahead of time. It takes just a few more minutes to brown several pounds than it does just one, and saves so much time later when I'm cooking. :)

Here's a great recipe that we tried this weekend over at my parent's house. I got it through an e-mail list I'm on, and it turned out really well!

Simple Pizza Soup

Add in a crock pot in the morning,

½ lb cooked hot and spicy sausage
4 tomatoes
carrots green pepper and onion chopped
½ or whole can (28 oz) spaghetti sauce
½ t oregano
½ head cabbage, chopped finely
Add any of your favorite pizza topping combinations.
Add one can mushrooms last 15 minutes.
Simmer all day. Drop shredded cheese on top to melt into serving
bowl. Enjoy with some warm home-made whole wheat bread.

Well Miss Jenny has decided that her nap has gone on long enough, so until next time!!

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Dee said...

Nice posts--the soup was great. I was very hesitant about the cabbage, but you don't notice it in the soup at all. I doubled everything except the cabbage--and next time, I'll double it, too.

Also added a package of the pre-sliced pepperoni, and used a mild sausage. And forgot the mushrooms. But it was terrific, and will become a staple.