Friday, September 01, 2006

I Made My First Pre-fold!

How fun!! I just finished this and couldn't wait to post about it. I made it out of flannel and it is sooo soft. The center has 8 layers so it should be nice and absorbent too. I found a really great pattern that was easy to follow, and it really went together quickly. I've been saving a big stack of flannel to use for diapers, so now I can get started. I think I might try making them with one piece of terri cloth and one piece of flannel though...with the flannel on the outside. That way I can get the absorbancy, but be able to stretch the cute flannels. :)

Now I have even more motivation to get my curtains finished...then I can sew diapers!


eliza said...

oooooh, spiffy....laney just said "max, it's a spider dude, just chill." haha, see you tonight!

Sommer said...

You did an awesome job on that diaper! You are so encouraging me to get my sewing out and doing it. I'm a horrible procrastinator...ugh!