Sunday, September 03, 2006

My Busy Saturday...

Yesterday was such a wonderfully productive day! I spent the morning getting the rest of the main wall in my kitchen painted. After that I got my curtains sewn and hung up. They look so pretty! I have to finish the tie backs, but that will go quickly. I'll post pictures soon. It's so nice to walk in to the kitchen and see progress!! I think the rest of the painting will go quickly in there. The only place I can't really get yet is the wall with the fridge on it, but when we get the new fridge I'll be able to paint.

Later today Eli, Heather (and Lottie), Louie and I are going to go see "The Devil Wears Prada". My mom said it was a cute movie and it has *finally* come to our little theatre so we're having a girls night. Since it's playing when Jenny normally takes a short nap/ goes to bed she will be staying home with her daddy.

My plans for the day are to get some laundry done and put away all of the stuff in our room. It seems like I've been saying that for days, so I guess it's time to actually do it!! It's the perfect day for hanging clothes up on the line too. No musty drier smell for me!! Once I'm done with that I want to start figuring out what we'll need to round out fall and winter wardrobes. I know Jenny needs clothes and I'm going to also, so I want to get everything organized so I know what to look for.

I guess I should go get started then...I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!

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eliza said...

loving the blog! aren't they great? i finally updated
thanks for the prada date tonight, gucci anyone? ciao bella!