Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Rather Blustery Day

Today we had a nice lunch at my mom and dad's house today, and my grandfather was finally able to meet Jenny. :)

It's been pretty quiet other than that...I cut out the fabric for my kitchen curtains and just have to pre-wash them tomorrow so I can start sewing. Yippy! It should be the perfect day for it too, because it's supposed to rain all day.

Joseph and I are leaving in a few minutes to spend a few hours at the fair. My mom and Eliza are going to watch Jenny so it's a real date!!

The only other thing on my "to do" list is to order some more wax tarts from Yankee candle while they're having their big sale this weekend. Hurray for 12 for $12 sales!!



eliza said...

hey cutie -
love the picture! way cute, weather's awesome, huh?

MamaManak said...

Beautiful Blog! It really fits you! I love the pics of your beautiful daughter! Keep em coming!