Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Good Day

Well, it really started last night when Jenny slept from 11:30 to 4:30 in her bassinet...which meant five good hours of sleep for me. :) We got up a little after 8:00 this morning, and had a nice quiet morning until 10:00. At that point she went down for her (two hour!!) morning nap and Olivia came over to help me work on the house. Thank Heaven for sisters!! I had been planning on having her play with Jenny while I worked, so having Jenny nap the entire time had me scrambling to find extra jobs...We got a bunch of vaccuming done, and she even got some folding done for me while I cleaned the upstairs bathroom.

WOW!!! What a huge differance! I took some of the stuff off of the walls...the old cup holder, the random bracket etc. Then I cleaned the mirror, vanity and sink and made that as pretty as I could. Then I started to clean the toilet, but realised I'd rather vaccume up as much as I could from the base I cleaned the whole floor, and all the corners...and started the nasty toilet cleaning job...NASTY! There had been what I thought were hard water stains or something like that, but they turned out to be something growing in the toilet bowl. It was soooo disgusting, but it's bright and shiny white I guess it wasn't all bad.

After we finished cleaning and our lunch, I pulled together a sort of picknick lunch for my mom as she's been having a long day. I brought her cream of potatoe soup with cheddar cheese, a cranberry and orange muffin (I made them last night), a bunch of big red grapes, some orange pepper slices, and a little tea/coffee cup with chocolate and white chocolate pudding. I even found some pumkin fabric to line the basket with, and two pretty napkins left over from my sister's sweet sixteen party. She was so excited! :)

Tomorrow is the day my dad and the boyscouts all leave for their big hiking/camping trip, so I'll probably go over there for a while to help out with all the craziness that will ensue. :) Then in the evening I'm going to a Tuperware party at my friend's/neighbor's/land lord's. LOL :) And Saturday I probably wont post either because we're headed to Six Flags with my brother, sister in law and niece. Their company gives employies tickets and they rent the eniter park for the day and everything is free. :D Fun fun fun... *And* with any luck, we're going to paint the bathroom on Sunday. I'm sooo excited! We're going to do a country/fall apple red on the bottom and either a light brown or a cream on the top with a boarder dividing them at the mid point. It should turn out really well. I'll post pictures if we get it done. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!


Sommer said...


I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. You sound like you've been busy, but it sounds like such heartwarming busyness.


eliza said...

spanky i say, spanky, spanky, quite spanky indeed