Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Quiet Evening

Hello all! Joseph and Genevieve are off to his mom's house to help her with computer stuff. Which means some much desired quiet time for me! :D

Tomorrow is Wednesday so Eliza will be over to help me work on the house. I'm hoping to keep chipping away at the bedroom. (It's shocking how little work I get done with Jenny!!) And get the upstairs bathroom all cleaned. There are other things that need to get done, but Joseph and I are planning on re-doing that room on Sunday, so I want it to be clean and ready. We're going to paint it a pretty fall red called "apple red" and decorate it in a sort of rustic country theme...I think I'm going to make curtains and a matching shower curtain out of homespun. And I saw a wallpaper boarder the other day at WalMart that is a bunch of rustic country signs that say things like "washroom"....I can't think of the others but it was for a bathroom. :) So we might put that around the room as well.

I think I'm going to start making one of my sewing nights for sewing, and one especialy for quilting. :) I started working on a quilt for our bed a few months ago and of course haven't really gotten there since Jenny was born and we moved. :) But I think that if I work for an hour or so every week then I could probably be done by spring. Hmmm...for some reason I can only get the picture to go at the top of the page...oh well. :) That is what the blocks look like, I think I have 12 done so far, when they are all sewn together, the green pieces make slightly larger pinwheels than the red. It's SO pretty! And not very hard to sew together as they're all straight lines...just very small so it's time consuming! :) I'm making them by chain sewing though, so I can work on a few blocks at a time which helps.

Well, I'm going to go take advantage of the rest of my free time. :)


Sommer said...

Hi Tilly~

Your quilt block looks great. It will be neat to see when it is finished. I've never quilted but I am very interested in learning. Any tips?


eliza said...

'ello love, cheers on the square!
loves, moi