Sunday, August 09, 2009

Summer Adventures

My goodness, is it really a week into August already?? July was wonderful, but happened way to fast. So fast that I have only a few pictures to show for it. :)

On the 2nd, we left for Washington state for my mother-in-law's family reunion. They have a lovely spot on the "beach", in the middle of no-where about an h
our outside of Seattle. It's sooo pretty! We got to spend lots of time visiting and playing, and Jenny even got to go on her very first boat ride!

photo taken by my sil Bitty
She sat in the very front and ate her cheese the whole time. :) They went very fast...or at least that's how it looked to the Mama standing on the shore watching! ;) She also got to go on lots of airplanes... by the time the trip was all said and done, we had been on
6 in 9 days. She learned that when we were next in line at the securtity checkpoints (which
were actually super-super easy, even with two kids, two car seats, an umbrella stroller and all of our shoes and toiletries) she would get out of the stroller and hand
me her shoes. :) She was amazing! Anthony was too, but it will be really nice when he can hold a hand and walk!!

on the airplane :)

After Washington, we flew down to CA to pick up my very bestest friend Anne. We spend two short nights in Mt. Shasta with her family and then we were on our way again! We spent a few days in Hayward, CA, and while there got to meet my childhood friend
Christen's sweet family. We were just in time to meet Matthew, their newest! I got to hold him at just three days hold...he is such a cutie! Unfortunately...I forgot my camera. :( While we stayed in Hayward, we had the use of Christen's car (thank you!!). This let us brave the traffic and construction (gulp) and navigate our way down to my friend Sommer's house. We had so much fun! Her youngest, Rowan is the rolly-polliest tiny baby I've ever seen. Much like holding a drooling marshmellow. :) It was so much fun to finally meet her children too. Jenny and Anthony had a blast playing with them! It was good for them to get some realy kid play time after all those hours in airports/airplanes/hotels. The funniest thing is that the picture of us makes me look like a giant for the very first time in my life. At 5'2" I'm not the tallest of people, so when I got home and looked at how much taller this picture makes me look it really made me laugh. :)
Anne and I had a wonderful visit while she was here in VA...including the time in CA, we had almost three entire weeks together! Ofcourse, it wasn't nearly enough, but it was so, so good for both of us! We did so many fun things....knitting, shopping, tie dying, talking, tea drinking, talking, movie watching, (did I say talking?), sewing and on and on. I also finally got to take her to the Blackfriar playhouse to see a play (The Merry Wives of Windsor) which was really a blast! My first adventure with a parking garage. :-D We got quite a few aprons cut out, but unfortunatly only got one each sewn, so over the next few weeks/months I will be sewing them up and mailing her to her in care packages at college. :) So prepare for many, many, many apron pictures! I even got to have Anne here when I celebrated my 22nd birthday. :) My mama made me the very best coconut cake and they made the yummiest dinner for me! The decorations were, as always very, very pink. :) When I was little I would always want pink baloons, pink streamers, pink plates and napkins...with a pink cake and frosting. lol I have no clue's just what I do on my birthday! They even had roses like the ones I remember!

More pictures to come in a seperate post...blogger is giving me fits with this one.

As for the next few weeks, we will be in a bit of a flurry around here as we get the upstairs room painted and ready for my sil Bitty to move into. I'm so excited to have her here! She's going to school at our local Community College, and will be living with us for the next 12-18 months! I'm hoping to obtain the use of her fantasticly amazing camera from time to time. ;)


Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

It was great to get a little glimpse into your summer! Anne told me that you gals got pretty much no pictures. Tsk, tsk! ;)

My goodness, look how much Jenny is growing! What a darling she is. When I was at Anne's place we were looking at photos from that summer we got together in Shasta... Jenny was just a baby!

Sommer said...

My, you did have such a busy July...but I'm so glad(can I say it again?)that you came by! What a lovely time it was. And Rowan is still a drooling little marshmallow! I need to remember to make some little drool bibs;-)

I hope you have a great August!

Oh..did you ever get my little card? I hope I had the correct address :-0

Lots of love,

Lauren Christine said...

Jenny looks so cute in the boat! It looks like y'all had so much fun. And what a blessing to have such a great little helper for the airport!