Sunday, August 09, 2009

July with Anne

While I was at Anne's home I finally got to see one of the "blooming teas"! It was beautiful...and tasted very good. I still think it looks a bit like a spider though! ;)

Jenny at the hotel, all ready to go out!

Anthony really took to Anne... but that's not the point of this picture. ;) See the different colors of his feet? No, his circulation is fine... the left foot is after we washed it, and the right is before. :-O Dirty feet and that purple hotel carpet! Gross, huh?

The last night we were at the hotel in CA we were determined to be packed by 7 or 8pm so that we could be in bed at a good hour. Instead we simply dumped everything we had with us onto the bed and sat up talking until 3:00. I think that there were more than two chocolate runs to the vending machines. :-D

I had allot of fun cooking when we got was so good to have "real" food after two weeks away! The very first day I made macaroni and tasted SO good! This was a few nights later...I had made Sommer's House Chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. Anthony LOVED it! This is his first time using a spoon!!

We had SO MUCH FUN tie dying!! We each made several shirts, plus several onesies for Anthony and a few t-shirts for Jenny. When we were done we still had tons of die left, so I grabbed some white fabric and we went to work! I know in a picture it sort of just looks like a crazy hodge-podge of color, but in person, (and especially to us!) there is lots of special meaning in every part. This piece really ties together allot of our talks, feelings, thoughts and dreams. I *think* the plan is to cut it in half (it's a double layer) and make two very special quilts with it. But we haven't quite decided yet!

the other half...
Then the last night she was here (the real last night, lol) we were doing some heavy duty knitting and movie watching. We were such bums that day! We slept through the morning Masses, and ended up staying in our pajamas until we had to get ready for 5:00pm Mass. As soon as we got home we were back in our pj's and knitting again! Anthony came to nurse for a while and wound up snuggled up under my shawl while we....kept knitting. :) Oh, and that's one of my newly tie dyed shirts! Like the last night at the hotel, we had many better things to do than be tidy... *ahem*

the coffee table...
the sofa between us...
a very small bit of the results! I'm working on this pattern...the only hold up is that I'm making it up as I go! We saw these really delightful fingerless gloves at our local yarn shop, but the book the pattern was in was $20.00, and was filled with really, truly dreadful patterns. So I took a look at the stitch pattern for the spiral and well...we'll see where I get! I'm really hoping to make up a working pattern. It will probably take a few gloves to get it right, but I'm taking notes so we'll see!

Then the rest of these are just recent pictures that I had to share. :)
Anthony <3
My Jenny-loo <3
Her wonderful braids... <3

This is a little quiet spot I made for Joe on his desk. There are lots of electronics and all sorts of visual busy-ness so I wanted to make a calm, peaceful sort of spot for him. :) The flash makes everything really jump out, but in the actual lighting in our room all the colors are darker and softer and it really is a nice grouping of things.


Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

*grumble grumble* Anne told me about all the fun you had, and I'm sooo jealous! I am happy that you two got together again, though. We'll have to work out a reunion for the three of us some upcoming summer!

Anonymous said...



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