Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh $.99 pattern sale, how I've missed you!

What a lovely Sunday we've been having! It started with Joe getting home from his camping trip almost four hours earlier than expected, which was perfect since I had a sick little boy who woke up crying for his "Ba-Ba" (which translates to Da-Da). What a relief to the rather sleep deprived Mama!! We had a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and blueberry pancakes...

While I do prefer regular bacon, I am amazed everytime I make this by how much less fat there is in the pan when I'm done. (Almost none!)
Thank goodness tylenol works so well those times that I give in and give it to them!! Since he was still a bit feverish and coughing so much we did decide to stay home from church though...I hope he will be better by next weekend though...this is two weeks in a row now. :( (NOTE: if you look carefully, past Anthony's head on the left you can see something shiny silver...well it is the shell of my duct tape dress form!! I'll post pictures when I get it finished!)

After breakfast I remembered I had promised to take Jenny to the big JoAnn's sale that's starting this weekend. (For those interested, it goes all week!) So she and I got all dressed up for a mommy-daughter day and headed out. Our first errand was to drop off some camping stuff at my parents' house, and after a bit of persuasion, my mom (and thanks to a bizarre insident with ketchup, Eliza) joined us for the trip. :)
They have all of their red tag clearance fabrics marked 50% off, so I got each of the kids some yummy thermal knit fabric for pj's this fall/winter. Regularly $9.99/yd, I got this for $2.50/yd!!This is the fabric (I already had it) for my living room curtains. I got the lace today with my 40% off coupon to go along the bottom of the valences. I used such strong, masculine colors in that room, that I think this touch of femininity will be a nice ballance!As you know, Jenny just turned three, and in honor of the occasion, her great-great aunt sent her some birthday money. I had promised her that she could pick something "fancy" out the next time we went to JoAnn's, and she was so excited to get to do her own (ever so slightly guided) choosing! This gorgeous batik and pom-pom trim will be for her very own library tote bag! She chose the trim while I was picking out lace, and then said she needed fabric with bugs on it. :) This was the prettiest one we could find! :)Then she saw this red buggy print and said, "Oooh, put that one behind me Mommy!", and from her seat in the front of the cart, that meant add it to the basket! This pattern was on my list anyway ($.99 for McCalls patterns!!), but I think that these bugs will become a top like the white one on the cartoon girl. I think she has just enough money left over to get a bright blue for the pants to complete the outfit! Quite the birthday gift, isn't it? She had so much fun, and really knew exactly what she wanted! :)I have been in desperate need of clothing lately, so I'm so excited that I found two patterns for myself. I got this denim for this twirly skirt pattern, view B...the longer of the two cartoonish ones. This fabric was really hard to photograph. The color is pretty close, but you can't really tell that it is the loveliest embroidered gauze. The pattern looks like it will be wonderful fun, and it takes ALLOT of fabric. I just love long, full, twirly skirts! I'm making the one that is completely shown in the picture, with the blonde girl in the white tank top. Now I just have to preshrink everything!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Hopefully I'll be posting progress on my sewing by the end of the week!