Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Late, but still cute!

This is my baby sister Zelie with the dolly I made her for Christmas...isn't she a doll? The goal was that the doll would look something like her. :)

and just because I'm already steelin' pictures from my sister....
I call it (or I would, if it were my picture to name, lol) "The Brother Totem Pole" Spell check isn't complaining, but if that isn't the right kind of "pole" then...well, if you read my blog you've probably noticed that synonyms aren't my thing. lol Anyway, these are my handsome brothers, around Christmas....(from top to bottom) there is Zac, Max and Zane...quite the handsome group! :)

Thanks Eli, for letting me snag your pictures!


Lauren Christine said...

That doll is *adorable*!!!! You did such a great job!!!! If this is a girl, I'll need to know how to make those :)

Sharon said...

Oh the doll is precious! Well, actually both little dolls are precious :-) And I love that totem pole photo - so fun.

Alfred said...

synonyms = words meaning the same thing (example: left and port)
homophones = words that sound the same (examples: there, their, & they're)