Monday, January 12, 2009

Goals for 2009

I'm not much of one for resolutions...I think because they are made to be broken, and everyone knows this. Resolutions or goals in general I'm all for, but making them just for new years often just leads to them being broken as soon as the shine wears off the new year. That being said, I do think that the end of the year is a great time to evaluate your past year, and plan your new one. Not that they ever go as planned, but it does give us something to do after the gift making high wears off. ;) My goals last year were fairly simple, and I achieved most of them...
Move ~check!
Birth a baby ~check!
Move into new house (different from moving, as anyone who's done it can tell you...) ~great progress has been made here...especially *ahem* this year...
Improve my knitting enough to knit socks ~knitting socks just seemed like the most complicated thing I could think of...all of those tiny needles...I didn't know much about knitting when I made this goal, but I have improved enough to start my first pair of socks (for Anthony) as soon as my yarn order from Knit Picks gets here! soooooo ~check!

Not a huge list, but it has kept me very, very busy. :)


Now that my "baby" has betrayed me and is crawling around, pulling himself onto his chubby little feet and climbing onto anything he can wiggle his fat belly over...I have little excuse to sit on my sofa and cuddle him all day. I do still drop everything when he wants to nurse, but even that has (thankfully!!) slowed down a bit. But just a bit. :) I'm rambling... *ahem*....a train of thought....Jenny wants a train set...Target maybe? Nova? AH! Focus!! But, I haven't had more than 3.5 hours of sleep a night in three weeks!! No? Okay, focusing.

This year, my goals are again, simple.

~Declutter my home. A place for everything, and everything in it's place. I never quite got this one, until now. I think that this will be my quote for the year. :)

~ Continue knitting!! I'm addicted. It's that simple. When I'm not knitting, I think about knitting, my hands are just itching to pick up my needles...I have a mental "to knit" list running, that I've just added a stack of small rainbow striped sweaters too...(Thanks Ducky!!--really!) My goals for this year as far as techniques (last year's being able to knit socks); knit my first pair of socks, knit my first lace item (no matter how simple!), knit an assortment of wrist warmers for Eliza, and knit something with cables (the wrist warmers would count, if they have cables). I think it's very doable...I'll just have to be careful which projects I start! The nice thing about the knitting is that you can only have so many projects going...and I've found that if I keep them in plain site then I work on them whenever I have a spare second! I'll have to share some of my recent/ current projects soon!!

~Resume cloth diapering. 'nuff said

~Meal planning! I plan to use Once A Month Cooking...with a bit of an organic twist

That's pretty much it. Allot of my "little things" are just out of necessity or fall under one of these categories. :) Sooo what are you doing this year?

btw.... While we were getting dressed this morning, Jenny said, "I love my 4:00 (yes, she said four o'clock) toes." ahem Anyone with information that would help me to interpret this statement can feel free to leave a comment below. :)


Dee said...

OH, mice love yarn! Nice of you to order them a new home...;-)

Louie said...

um.... possibly her furry sock toes which might be her furry crocks......

Eliza said...

good going louie! lol