Saturday, November 08, 2008


Okay ladies, I need someone who understands, so I'm here to share with you! I got *2* new dresses today! I was homeschooled = no home coming (I just learned there was a parade for said thing this year lol), no prom, no graduation party, etc. etc. etc. We had a homeschool graduation that served as a yearly formal party for highschoolers and parents. Which, don't get me wrong, it was very fun (I got to dance with my sweetheart), but in short, my life didn't add up to lots of the normal fancy dress buying. I didn't even buy my wedding dress, lol. So, buying two today. That's a big deal! And doing it as a mommy with diapers to buy etc.etc.etc., well, it's something like I imagine a full day in a spa to be! I am having trouble getting links to the pictures on Penney's website, so I'll just link to the pages...remember that at a towering 5'2" these dresses are about 4-6" longer than on the models. :) Oooh, and the best part? They were even more on sale than they are on the website!! (that, plus birthday money = 2 new dresses)

My new fancy, wear it anywhere a black dress can be worn dress...(modest even!)

My new, mostly for at-home-dates, but might work with black tights like on the model for a very fancy evening out, dress. (I tried it on just because, hey, why not?-and let's just say that for once something looks even better on a curvy girl than on a model!) (Remember that this girl's thigh is about as long as my leg, so this dress comes to my knees...shorter than I normaly go, but still very wearable...esp. for at home dinners)

And you can't nurse in either of them!! :-D So....what do you think? I think I can't wait for our big date night next Saturday!


Mamselle Clare Duroc said...

Aren't new dresses such fun? I rarely had an excuse to get a new dress throughout my high school years. Next summer I'm going to have to buy a couple for college lectures and dances, though, and needless to say, I very much look forward to that!

Yours are so cute! I love the first one especially... such pretty detail work!

Tonya said...

Very nice dresses, every woman should have at least 1 nice black dress. Simple black dresses can be worn for almost anything and you can dress them up or dress them down - that's whats so great about the color black! I had prom and all that stuff, but I did marry a military man and from time to time "dressing up" is required and a few years ago I got a basic black dress that could be worn casualy or elegantly...there is just so much you can do with black! Have fun on your next date night!!! Wear some shining silver earring and necklace and make the beading in the second dress pop! You'll be sure to take a picture!

Sommer said...

What fun Tilly! I love the first dress especially:-) When I first married my hubby was in the Marines and every year they would celebrate their "birthday". Of course the men were in their Dress Blues and we ladies needed something semi to formal. So I would buy a new gown each year. I miss that now that he is no longer in the Marines.

I love a good reason(or any reason really) to buy a new dress:-)


Beth said...

The dresses are so pretty! I love the A-line one. And, the fact you saved even more money makes them even better! Well done, Beth

Mama Manak said...

WOW! Those are stunning!!! Great job at picking them! I second the request for pictures of you in them! Date nights are so much fun...a well needed event for mothers! Special one on one time with our hubby's is such a treasure!


Sarah Jane said...

Oh, how pretty! I really like the first dress a lot. I too was homeschooled so did not have reasons to buy formal or semi-formal gowns either, so I can understand your excitement! And wow, to buy them without having to consider nursing access or guilty thoughts of getting something for the babies instead. . .how fun! :) I hope you have lots of wonderful reasons and places to wear them!

Lauren Christine said...

Oh, beautiful!!! You'll look gorgeous Tilly!!! :) Well done, lovely purchases :)

Keri said...

Ooh! I especially like the first one!

annamae said...

very fun! and super cute! makes me want to go shopping for winter dresses now. :)