Monday, September 15, 2008

A Special Day!

Despite the size of the gown, his hands almost didn't fit through the cuffs!!
Zac and Heather were his Godparents...they're Miss Jenny's too! Our church is doing someremodeling, and he is the first baptism pictures with the new stained glass!
I Love this one! :) It's in front of a beautiful antique confessional they just put in. (Christen-that's one of your cream w/ roses barrettes!)
My brother carried him around for heels weren't designed to carry a 20lb. baby in!lol I think Anthony likes flying. :)


Mamselle Clare Duroc said...

Congratulations, Anthony!

I love that black-and-white photo of you two. So, so precious.

Sommer said...

Congratulations to Anthony on his baptism!

Lovely pictures!

Lots of love,

Mama Manak said...

I love the pictures! And my barrette's are famous now...seeing as they made a picture on your blog! YAY!

Go little St. Anthony!