Friday, September 05, 2008

Sorry, no pictures yet...

Okay, so today did not go as planned, thus no pictures for you all. I'm very sorry, but it just was not to be. So I figured I'd share something else... Remember when I mentioned getting this book?
Wait, let me back up a bit...I have a goal. I want to have all of my Christmas gifts done by Thanksgiving. I've done it in the past, but last year was crazy and I wound up finishing gifts into the wee hours of Christmas morning. Not this year!! So... it's time to get started!! I'm starting with my little Mr. Handsome. He's getting the most adorable little crocheted stuffed lamb from that book, and this teddy bear. Which means I needed yarn! Finally! An excuse to order from KnitPicks!! So...the other day this lovely box showed up at my door with my yarn order. I'm in love. I'm using their "Swish" superwash merino wool, in DK weight for the lamb (in white and nutmeg), and in the worsted weight for the bear (in copper).Started the lamb today and it's soooo soft!! Since he's just a baby I'll be sharing pictures once there's something to see!

I was also a bit adventurous and got this pretty sweater pattern for Anthony...and the yarn for it. Except I'm swapping the navy and oatmeal colors, so it will be navy with stripes...I think it will look better on him. My mom's going to be helping me with my knitting this fall/winter, so I thought I could probably tackle it. I know all of the basic stitches, it's just putting them together! lol And the yarn for it (the "comfy" yarn listed with the pattern) is the *softest* thing, next to Anthony's skin, ever. Period. lol well maybe not exactly, but it is SOFT.

So that's enough rambling babbling for one night. :) See you when we get home!

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