Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not The Weekend I Had Planned!!

SO...after I finished my post on Friday night I went to bed. Then about 45 (sleepless-not used to Joe being gone!) minutes later Anthony woke up. Screaming. Jump ahead from 1:30ish to 3:30...we've given up on sleeping for a good 2 hours at this point, and have started bouncing a very crabby (20lb. baby). Around 5:00 I started walking with him, just a routine back and forth in our bedroom to get him to sleep...all the time I was thinking teeth. At 6:00 he was due for his dose of tylenol, so I give it to him, and start 6:01 he (finally?) threw up. On me. At the risk of being to graphic, sour breastmilk and baby tylenol puke is disgusting. So I called my Mommy. What else?? Like a super hero she was there in about 8 minutes and held the now peacefully sleeping little sicky so I could shower. The day turned into a shockingly busy one, at least for not having gotten any sleep. :) The next town down was having a festival so I took the babies down and met up with Heather and her family for hot dogs and a parade. Jenny LOVED the parade, since it was mostly horses and tractors...and when the float went by with all of the county's MISS and Jr. Miss, etc. she was thrilled by the Princesses. ;) So cute!! My mom and I wound up driving up to were the Boy Scouts were camping and asked Joseph to pretty please come home. My sweet fella packed up his tent and came home to baby duty. I don't remember falling asleep, but I do remember my hair being brushed...pretty fantastic hubby, eh? I slept like a brick, despite Anthony making up for his lack of nursing the night and day before...Some days exclusivly nursing such a big baby is kinda hard!

Today I've been busy cleaning our bedroom. It was really. Really. Terible. Lots of sizes of baby boy clothes, lots of maternity clothes, plus my clothes, plus my out of season clothes, plus...well you get the idea. Pracitcally every piece of clothing we own, plus stupid things like bags the hospital gave us when I had him, misdelivered laundry (how did that get there??) etc. etc. etc. So, I still have the clothes to sort and pack up, but they're at least moved into our ajoining (and HUGE, trust me it makes more sense than it sounds like it does) bathroom to work on them there. The bedroom isn't 100% done, but I'd say at least 95%. :) I even was able to set up a nice little sitting area. :) I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow. Off for now!

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Sommer said...

Oh my! Poor little guy..poor mamma! Hope he is feeling better now.

Lots of love,