Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Well I tried to post some pictures of the kids rooms, but none of them really turned out right. I'll try to take better ones tomorrow. Today was one of those insane/crazy/fun days. We went over to visit with Heather and her girls today, so that was fun. Heather and I are making all three little girls matching jumpers out of a fantastic floral cord. fabric I got at WalMart for $1.00 last fall (!!!). It has the most cheerful floral pattern all over it...I think they'll be really cute! We got Zoey's and Charlotte's cut out, so I'm hoping to get Jenny's cut out in front of the TV tonight...I hate that step, so distraction is usually my best bet. ;-)

In other news, the Puppy rolled over both ways yesterday!! That's two firsts in one day! Dreadful child, isn't he? Doesn't he know that we mothers can only handle one milestone a day????

Tomorrow should be a good day. Heather and the girls are coming in the morning, I think we'll be starting work on some flannel nightgowns for the girls...it takes a while to trace the patterns with four little people running around. :) Then during naptime I'm hoping to get lots done. I have tons of projects planned/in need of planning and I'm hoping to take care of at least a few of those.
Well, I've typed this all with one hand because Anthony is busily nusing to sleep, so that's all for now...keep your eye out for pictures of the new barette I ordered from Christen's Beaded Creations!

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